Pace of Life in Singapore

I’ve always enjoyed reading about Richard Wiseman’s experiments. They’re almost always fun, quirky and provide a great way to jumpstart a conversation at parties. In case you’ve haven’t heard of him, he’s the dude who went on a hunt for that holiest of grails known as the world’s funniest joke. Ask yourself, can there be a more worthwhile calling? I know you’re piqued about the results, so here’s the link.

However, that’s not the particular experiment I’d like to point out today. This one hits a bit closer to home. Conducted a couple of years back, the esteemed Wiseman and his austere team of scientists brought it upon themselves to determine the pace of life in different cities by, well, measuring how fast people walked.

Would it be a complete surprise that Singapore had the fastest average walking speed of all the countries in the experiment?

No. City Speed
1 Singapore 10.55
2 Copenhagen (Denmark) 10.82
3 Madrid (Spain) 10.89
4 Guangzhou (China) 10.94
5 Dublin (Ireland) 11.03
6 Curitiba (Brazil) 11.13
7 Berlin (Germany) 11.16
8 New York (USA) 12.00
9 Utrecht (Netherlands) 12.04
10 Vienna (Austria) 12.06

Overall, the pace of life in the world has risen by 10 percent. The implications are obvious, of course. As we get busier, we walk faster, and spend less time with people we care about, and get hurried, and get increasingly stressed, and eat poorly, and exercise less and, well, you fill in the rest.

While I’m sure that most of us wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we didn’t live in such a pressure cooker of a society, it would be a pleasant change to slow down once in a while. Aren’t you a little bit curious what the results would be if the experiment was conducted today?

This increasing pace of life underlies the importance of having our own oasis of calm where you can regroup and recharge. We all need to seek refuge from the madness once in a while, don’t we?


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