Life in Singapore: 70th in Quality of Life Index

Luxury_Condominium_by_3DSerge #70 in Quality of Life Index

International Living magazine ranked Singapore 70 out of 194 countries in its Quality of Life Index. The index used nine categories to for its rankings, and here are Singapore’s scores:

Quality of Life Index – Singapore

  1. Costs of Living 51
  2. Leisure & Culture 71
  3. Economy 68
  4. Environment 39
  5. Freedom 42
  6. Health 74
  7. Infrastructure 69
  8. Risk & Safety 100
  9. Climate 39
  10. So, judging from these scores, we did badly in terms of Costs of Living (can’t argue there), Environment (4.99 million opposition leaders are bankrupt(ed)?) and Climate (so? never hear of air-conditioning meh?).

    I doubt the magazine wanted this to be a definitive ranking, although it does make for an interesting read. I think they were nice enough to admit that most of it’s subjective. From the magazine’s page explaining its methodology:

    We Admit It-We’re Biased

    “For the record, we’re biased. For every category, we had to make decisions. And, when the numbers our research returned seemed incredible to us…we favored our own experience over published government statistics. “

    “Our sources, staff, and contributing editors are all influenced by a Western bias. We have definite, preconceived ideas about what constitutes a high or low standard of living, what constitutes culture and entertainment, and what climate is the most enjoyable. We also consider the world from the point of view of the majority of our readers—Americans spending U.S. dollars.”

    If you’re curious, the top ten countries are:

    Quality of Life Index: Top Ten

10. Italy
9. Canada
8. Belgium
7. United States
6. Luxembourg
5. New Zealand
4. Germany
3. Switzerland
2. Australia
1. France

    If you’re interested in the full rankings, you can check it out here.

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