Snapshot: Knowing Where to Knock

If you’re an 80s kid, I’ll bet good money that you grew up on a diet of sitcoms. Great, weren’t they? Like a great many people, I consider ‘Friends’ to be one of my favourite shows. I watched it so often I can remember all the lines.

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Singapore Property Tax: Are Your Agent’s Fees Tax Deductible?

We wonder how excited you’ll be when we tell you that the professional fees for engaging an agent are DEDUCTIBLE for your subsequent tenancies. As you’re sitting there in front of your computer, reading this page with your hand on your mouse, your curiosity increases and you are wondering this will affect you when you engage our professional services.


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Pvt Property: Singapore Govt. Implements New Rules to Curb Property Speculators

Two new rules have been rolled out in an attempt to curb speculation in the private property market and stabilize prices.

  1. Lending institutions can lend only up to 80% of the value of the property
  2. Stamp duty of 3% will be levied on those who sell the property within a year of buying it

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Property Tax: How Tax is Calculated on Your Singapore Property

I’m sure that on a stone tablet somewhere there’s etched a commandment that states that “Thou Shall Not Mention The Word ‘Tax’ on a Sunday’. From the fact that even our favourite Merlion is prone to lightning strikes, it’ll be wise not to tempt the fates too much and keep this post short. And speaking of Merlions, have you heard the one where one of our beauty contestants thought it went extinct in 1965? Why do they make it so easy??

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Life In Singapore: Singapore Ranked 23rd in Global Peace Index 2009

Peace_And_Love_by_no_oxygen Singapore was ranked 23 out of 144 countries in the Global Peace Index (GPI). Achieving a score of 1.533 out of 5 (the lower the score, the more peaceful the country), this year’s showing is 6 places higher than in 2008. It is the second most peaceful country in Asia, preceded only by Japan. New Zealand, Denmark and Norway form the three most peaceful countries in the world. Conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, this is the third edition of the GPI – a study that ranks countries around the world according to their peacefulness and the drivers that create and sustain their peace.

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