Life In Singapore: Singapore Ranked 23rd in Global Peace Index 2009

Peace_And_Love_by_no_oxygen Singapore was ranked 23 out of 144 countries in the Global Peace Index (GPI). Achieving a score of 1.533 out of 5 (the lower the score, the more peaceful the country), this year’s showing is 6 places higher than in 2008. It is the second most peaceful country in Asia, preceded only by Japan. New Zealand, Denmark and Norway form the three most peaceful countries in the world. Conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, this is the third edition of the GPI – a study that ranks countries around the world according to their peacefulness and the drivers that create and sustain their peace.

Peace_by_wpe2006 Yet again, I only managed a cursory read of the methodology employed in the index, and as such am unable to personally attest to its validity. Of course, since it has been peer reviewed by an international panel of the world’s leading experts, I suppose my endorsement wouldn’t make much of a difference. However, The Economist believes that the ‘the true utility of the index may lie not in its specific rankings of countries now, but in how those rankings change over time, thus tracking when and how countries become more or less peaceful’.

As mentioned in the report, the main findings of the GPI are:

  1. Peace is correlated to indicators such as income, schooling and  the level of regional integration.
  2. Peaceful countries often share high levels of transparency of government and low corruption
  3. Small, stable countries which are part of regional blocs are most likely to get a higher ranking eedfaeb89f44b5eff0cc7eab5413d124

If you’re curious about how well Singapore scored across the different indicators, you can check it out here. And if you’re looking for the full rankings.

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