About Agent Fai

*Am currently overseas*

Alright, so courtesy dictates that I introduce myself. Mid-twenty Singaporean and yes, I am yet another property agent (but I’m sure you were expecting that). I read voraciously – sadly, mostly non-fiction these days – and am pretty much a movie buff. I also enjoy collecting useless bits of information, which you would already know if you read my blog. Mark Twain, Bertrand Russell, Dylan Moran, Noel Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker are utter geniuses.

For most people (including yours truly), an investment in property is pretty much the biggest they would ever make in their lifetime. You’d definitely want someone you can trust to help you out, and for that to happen you’d actually want to know a little bit about that person, don’t you? I also think there should always be a good fit when you’re thinking of doing business with someone; that makes it that much more pleasant for the both of us. And there lies the purpose of this blog (other than the usual listings and such… are you rolling your eyes?!?). While I know this is supposed to be primarily a real estate blog, for the fun of it I’m adding all my random bits of useless knowledge. And no, Mr Ex-Marketing Lecturer sir, it’s not because I don’t want to start another blog.

Having cut my teeth in the food and service industry, you have to believe me when I tell you that I’m intimately familiar with the precepts of hard work and customer service. There is no better training ground where you’re worked three 15-hour shifts in a row… on your feet… without sleep… and with a smile. Aah, the good times (*cough*). This prodigious work ethic is enhanced by the knowledge that only being a marketing major from one of Australia’s prestigious G8 universities can provide. Throw in the expertise earned by being a published writer, and now you’re sure that every effort is being made! And let’s not forget that we have the support of one of the latest and most forward-thinking agencies behind us – what could be more important than the solid foundation provided by a supporting family?

So contact me right now. There’s no risk for you because you can decide to either call me now at 81888287 or have me call you by leaving your contact details at Fairuze_00@hotmail.com. Before you call me today, I’d like you to know we believe that a good fit of personalities and expectations ensures an excellent working relationship.

Have Fun,



9 thoughts on “About Agent Fai

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  4. Dude sorry couldn’t contact you earlier. I will be in Sngpr end of this month. I am staying in the black and white terrace house in Changi village. If you do know someone who is looking for household appliances, please put them in touch with me. I much appreciate your help.

    • Hi,

      I have a few people coming in within the next few weeks and maybe they’ll be interested. Could you pass me your contact number just in case? Also, did you prepare a pricelist or website that you can direct me to? If not, maybe you can email me the list of things (price and condition etc) that you’re offering and I’ll ask them to contact you if they want to get anything.

      Good luck!

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